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At DSA, our purpose is to promote gymnastics at all levels and we work hard to provide the proper training and support to allow our gymnasts to complete at the highest level they can. 


The DSA training facility was opened to create an incredible experience for all levels of gymnasts & their parents.  We have all of the necessary equipment to help your child be the best gymnast they can be.  Our equipment includes a professional trampoline with foam pit, tumble track, trampettes & springboards, rings, horizontal/high bar, uneven bars, parallel bars & parallettes, pommel horse & mushrooms, vaulting table, high & low beams, 2 spring floors, climbing rope & wall bars, landing blocks, crash mats, & much more!


All of our gymnastics areas are visible from either our second level observation area, or from our lower level viewing area.  The main gymnastics area is a fully equipped training facility. The entire facility is heated and air conditioned which allows children to participate in fun gymnastics activities in comfort all year round.  Come and check out a class today! 

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