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Rhythmic Gymnastics Class

Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport that emphasizes dance-like rhythmic routines, accentuated by the use of clubs, balls, ribbons, rope, or hoops.

We offer Rhythmic as a recreational class or a competitive team sport.  This beautiful sport is for girls, ages 4 and up.

At DSA, our very own Coach Tatiana who has many accomplishments in the Rhythmic world, both as an athlete and as a coach.

RIBBON:  Ribbon routines are comprised of snakes, spirals, swings, circles, throws and catches, and figure-eight movements. The ribbon must remain constantly in motion.


ROPE:  Look for rotations, spirals, wrapping, unwrapping, figure-eights, throws and catches of the rope. Gymnasts also leap, jump, and skip through the open or folded rope, held by both hands.


HOOP:Common movements include rolls, throws and catches, passing through and over the hoop, rotations of the hoop on the floor, and rotations of the hoop around the hand and other parts of the body. Watch for the high throws and complex techniques for catching the hoop.

BALL: Figure eights, throws and catches, movement with the ball balanced on the hand or other part of the body, bouncing and rolling the ball on the floor and along parts of the body are all key movements.

CLUBS: Asymmetrical movements, small circles, mills, both small and large throws and catches and rhythmical tapping are common apparatus elements.


GROUP: Five athletes work together as one cohesive unit. Group is judged on the ability of the athletes to demonstrate mastery of body and apparatus skills in a synchronized manner. The more interaction between the gymnasts, the more difficult and exciting the exercise.

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